Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm looking for this really hot pair of boots?

They are below the knee wedge leather boots, but what make these unique is that the leather wraps around the shaft of the boot and fastens on the side. I've seen 2 different women wearing these recently and can't find them anywhere! Any help?

I'm looking for this really hot pair of boots?
dont buy them if they make you feel hot...... you need somthing that gives you a normal tempiture or youll be uncomfetable.
Reply:they sound like booties. google booties.


What can I use to soften leather?

I have some leather boots which are quite stiff and would like to know what I can use to soften them without affecting the colour. Suggestions please?!

What can I use to soften leather?
Similar to hungryjoes answer, squaws used to pee on their leather to soften it. your next question should be how to remove pee odours from your boots.
Reply:I did read the other facts before i presented my own ;) I'm sure the other answerers wont mind. =/ Report It

Reply:vaseline oil
Reply:simple... just rub some good quality washing up liquid onto the inside and wear as normal, they will be soft in no time. i've been doing this to my doc martins for 20 years.... don't use too much tho!!!!!!!!!
Reply:Saddle soap and water.

Worked on my Army boots!
Reply:While we are on this subject, [I] will pass on a formula that I have used for many years, mainly on English tanned leathers. This was passed on to me by a longtime friend and saddlemaker in England. This is a product you will make up yourself.

You will first need to go to a meat market and obtain a good sized chunk of suet, which can be from either beef or from sheep. Take this home and put it in a roaster and put it in a 300 degree oven and let it render to a liquid. Then, strain it through a fine sieve or a thin towel into a container. Determine the amount you have and then, while it is still hot, add the same amount of inexpensive Cod liver oil.

This may then be poured into smaller containers for storage. As it cools, it will harden to the consistency of pure tallow taper candles, so, when you want to use it, you again will heat it to liquefy it.

After you have cleaned your leather item with a good grade of saddle soap, you will then apply the tallow/fish oil mixture, working it well into the leather. This will give you a nice waxy feel and is basically the same formula that the tanneries in England use in preparing their bridle and harness leathers. To give it a little more of a waxy feel, you may add a little pure carnuba wax to it.

If you use sheep tallow, the mixture will remain in a softer state, when cool, since sheep tallow does not cure out as hard as beef tallow.

In putting it on natural leather, I have not noticed the leather darkening any more so than through the use of pure Neatsfoot oil.

- Ron Ross

I found this interesting tidbit way down at the bottom of the page of these tried remedies...Take a look for a natural way to soften your leather things...
Reply:Mink oil will help soften them, but if they are light coloured it may darken them. I would ask a shoemaker for a suggestion on what would work if they are light coloured so that you don't ruin them.
Reply:Oakwood Leather Conditioner. Check the website to find a retailer near you.
Reply:if its for shoes or a basdeball glove "dubbin" works good..its an oil similar to vasalene,,,,it works great. used it on baseball gloves to keep the moisture in the leather.
Reply:Urine. Pee on/in them and massage thoroughly.
Reply:Stick them in the tumble dryer for a few minutes then put them on straight away an walk round in them.


Girls, when you wear boots with a short skirt, do you wear any socks?

my boots are like these:

if yes, what kind of socks? i sometimes do have to take them off cause i go to ppl's houses

Girls, when you wear boots with a short skirt, do you wear any socks?
yes, i always wear socks with my boots...i have these really nice black ones, they`re thick %26amp; long, but i bought them in brazil...u should be able to find some, if all else fails just make socks out of an old pair of tights, by cutting off the top, that way u can make them what length u want!!!
Reply:we were stocking never socks. black stockings are a k
Reply:I wood wear stocjings since they r less uncumfortable and they r very sleek and it is easy to slip on boots with them.
Reply:Wear stockings not socks, socks make u look heavy and too much with boots, u do not have to remove ur stockings..U can wear skin color stockings, greyish silvery stockings, but not white stockings. U can also wear pants to make it look like a "Jockey"
Reply:maybe knee high tights but not socks
Reply:I would wear stockings. My legs always get really sweaty and uncomfortable in boots so stockings help keep me boundin' in joy on a hot date. Of course I kjnow absolutely nothing about fashion 'cept work jeans and t-shirts.
Reply:No, i don't wear socks with boots.

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New boots hurt!!!?

i just got a pair of flat leather boots but they are hurting just above my heel. any suggestions on a temporary solution to the pain until i break them in??

New boots hurt!!!?
Try getting one of those insteps from Dr. Scholls; a gel thing. You can also try just wearing them around the house for about an hour a day to break them in faster. Good luck and I hope your feet feel better soon.
Reply:this reminds me of that friends episode where monica gets new boots and they hurt her feet.
Reply:Put a bandage back there %26amp; wear them around the house in small increments
Reply:Wear them around the house with anything you can find to make the heal area softer to take..leather break them in around the house..then when u wear them out-they won't hurt.
Reply:sorry this may sound weird but i was a old navy model and there was a pair of black leather boots and they were for the fall fasion line.. anywayz they were 2 sizes smaller and they hurt like hell so there was like a few days before the shoot and my mom brougt them home and she but hot water in on them and but them in the fridge and when i but them on they didnt hurt at all because hot water and really cold air freezes them... and if u want a fresh smell then put some baking soda in them or plan b is to get some of those streatcher thingyz from paylesss and put them in ur shoes and keep them i reeli hope that they fit...
Reply:Take a cottton ball and then put a bandage over it and break them in and eventually you'll get used to it or you could wear socks over them! your choice! Good Luck!!
Reply:Use one of those special bandages or gel things you buy in the insole section of stores.

Or, to break them in faster, where big socks when walking around in them in the house.

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HELP!! Is mini-skirt+knee high boots a nono?

1. Is mini-skirt+knee high boots a nono?

2. What kind of skirt can go with tight black knee high leather boots?

3. What kind of boots can go with jeans?

4. If I want to look cute, what should I wear?


HELP!! Is mini-skirt+knee high boots a nono?
1- Yes, as long as the skirt isn't super short, nothing really goes with that, at least in public.

2- A knee length skirt looks classy with knee boots, a tight one will be more sexy, while a lose one will be more conservative, but still cute.

3- Any boots actually. It just depends on if they are tucked into the boots (knee high or thigh high) or over the boots (ankle or mid-calf)?

4- A knee length or a few inches above the knee with knee boots looks cute and flirty.

5- You didn't mention how high the heels are on your boots?
Reply:don't do the boots with a mini skirt never
Reply:I have seen many skirts with high boots ( and they are cute, in a are you a hooker kind of way!) But if you can pull it off right then it is good. The way to pull it off is to have the skirt not be to overtly short and the boots be stylishly ornate. I think that regular boots go well with jeans, You know, boots that stop at about mid calf. Color is sooo important too!
Reply:Boots are great with anything!!
Reply:I dont think its a no no at all. Style is as much about how you want to look and how you feel about yourself as anything else. If you like it and feel comfy wear it. Ive worn knee high boots and even thi hi boots with a mini skirt. I always wear cowboy boots or knee high boots with jeans.
Reply:1) i wouldn't

2) long jean skirt

3) black knee high boots work

4) it really depends i think youre okay
Reply:1. Of course it isn't! Knee high boots look fabulous with a mini-skirt.

2. Just a plain jean one, but pair it with a black studded belt for an added touch.

3. Any boots can go with jeans, but try them on first, as sometimes you can see the outline of the top of the boot through the jean and it looks odd.

4. You could get a short striped sweater and wear it with a mini-skirt, with black leggings to match the sweater, and a pair of cute flats or a thigh-length sweater paired with jeans and a chunky belt around the waist, with heels or flats.
Reply:1) depends on your age and shape. if you are tall, young and thin every thing will work.

2) most skirts will work with black

3) i like pointed toe.

4) anything you feel good in.

good luck.
Reply:1. Mini skirt and thigh-high boots, patent leather, black. That's the combination.

2. Midi-skirt can go with knee highs.

3. Cowboy boots can go with jeans -- wear the jeans on the outside, though. Never tuck the pant legs into the boots.

4. Cute can be interpreted different ways for different people. Also, some body types lend themselves to cute, regardless of the mode of dress. You might ask this question of friends or sisters or cousins who know you and know what you look like. They should be able to point you in the right direction.
Reply:yes ! a long denim or a drape swing skirt any just please pull your jeans over them all the above you;ll smoke those kids
Reply:Number 1 and 2 never!!!! You can wear boots with jeans. Make sure you where straight legged pants so that they will fit in the boots properly. Get some up to date boots please.
Reply:yea it cute wear hose


Where is the best place on line for boots?

i have found boots at aldo that i just love but my aunt siad aldo shoes wear-out to fast i looked on and couldnt find similar boots . the boots i like are flat , dark brown leather boots with a pointy toe and two bucles yeah im obsest

Where is the best place on line for boots?
Just get the Aldo boots. If they wear out you can take them back %26amp; they will do repairs for free!

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Black boots!!!?

i need help... i'm trying to find a pair of black FLAT leather boots like the white ones pictured here:

if you could give me direct links if you know of stores who sell them that would be great... i DO NOT buy of ebay so please don't tell me that either... thanks for any help

Black boots!!!?
Reply:Having seen the Steve Madden and Markon boots the Markon ones are a lot more looser/slouchy. QVC sells them in a bunch of colors and they also cuff over like the ones you have pictured. Here is a link to a picture of them on the QVC site, they are very soft and excellent quality. You will have to look under boots on as they do not allow a direct link to them. They are made by Markon, the style is A52391 and they are listed as "Markon Leather Round Toe Scrunch Boots"